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We are not treating medical conditions, with any kind of medical procedure (drugs or surgery) or chasing symptoms for temporary relief.

We are helping people express better health by correcting the subluxations in the spine and cranium to improve the ability of the nervous system to function.

If these subluxations are interfering with how the body functions, when corrected, amazing things can happen.

Our low-force chiropractic techniques are performed with the Activator Adjusting Instrument. These adjustments can be safely delivered to patients of all ages; from infants to the elderly.

Cranial Chiropractic Care

The primary cranial technique that Dr. Langel uses is:
Blye Cranial Technique

This is a neurologically-based, subluxation specific cranial adjusting technique. It produces very dramatic results on physical, neurological and mental conditions, many which were previously thought to be incurable.

Blye Cranial Technique IS NOT craniosacral therapy.

Blye Cranial Technique was developed by Dr. John Blye, a chiropractor from Lynnwood, WA and is based on the E/R Model of Dis-ease ("dis-ease" means "lack of coordinated function"). When a cranial bone is subluxated it causes neurological dysfunction. The purpose of a cranial adjustment is to remove the subluxation and restore normal neurological function.

While most other cranial adjusting techniques use a very light touch, Blye Cranial Technique utilizes the "Activator" Adjusting Instrument. This allows us to provide a controlled amount of force, in a specific direction, to safely adjust the cranial bones.


The cranium (skull) houses 80% of the central nervous system. Cranial bones are interlinked via cranial articulations. These joints are called “sutures”. The proper movement of cranial bones is critical to proper brain function. This movement allows the normal brain to expand and contract as necessary to maintain normal intracranial pressure. This motion also circulates cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) around the brain.


A Cranial Subluxation is a condition where movement of the cranial articulations is reduced or absent. Like vertebral subluxations, cranial subluxations cause health problems due to nerve pressure. Cranial subluxations increase intracranial pressure and cause abnormal brain function at the location of the cranial subluxation. An increase in intracranial pressure can cause a disruption of proper brain function due to increased nerve pressure to the delicate brain tissue. These effects can be very profound as the brain controls and coordinates everything in the body and mind.

Cranial Chiropractors have specialized training in the detection, reduction and elimination of cranial subluxations. Chiropractic adjustments of the cranium restore proper cranial motion. This removes nerve pressure, restores CSF circulation, normalizes intracranial pressure, increases brain function and improves health.

Only chiropractors with advanced training can safely correct cranial subluxations.