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my chiropractic journey

My Purpose: May 15, 1998 was the day (and event) that began my life’s journey in Chiropractic.  It was on this day that I was outside when a tornado struck.  I was picked up into the air by the tornado, carried about 30 feet and then slammed back against the ground.  Under the power of the immense wind, the farm where I was completely devastated; trees uprooted, barns demolished, the roof of the farmhouse was torn off and the it was rotated on its foundation.

I was taken to the hospital, treated in the emergency room and released the next morning.  The physical injuries treated by the medical staff included:
  • laceration on left arm
  • scratched cornea
  • concussion
  • numerous other scratches, bumps and bruises all over my body

I had been hit by a Class F3 tornado, and lived to tell about it.  The injuries that I had sustained from this event affected me on many levels – physically, mentally and spiritually – and I did not know how I would ever recover and have a normal life.

(My face after the day after getting out of the hospital.)

Three days after the tornado, my soulmate, who is still with me today, helped me walk into Dr. Dean Jacobs’ office in Iowa City, Iowa.  It was a painful struggle to walk into his office.  Dr. Jacobs analyzed my spine and adjusted my areas of subluxation and I felt the power of Chiropractic.  Not only did I walk out of his office by myself, my girlfriend and I went for a forty minute walk afterwards.  The surge of energy I felt after my first adjustment was absolutely amazing.  I had just experienced my first “Chiropractic Miracle” and knew right there that God wanted me to serve him through Chiropractic.

My Philosophy: Subluxation interferes with our ability to live life at its fullest. Chiropractic adjustments safely correct subluxation to help you improve your health and well-being.

My Mission: To provide the best to care to my practice members so they can experience their “Chiropractic Miracle” and live a life of improved health.  Everybody, regardless of age or medical diagnosis, needs to be subluxation-free to experience 100% of their life and health potential.


Chiropractic Education
Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City, Missouri
Graduated: April 26, 2002 Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree


Military Service
U.S. Marine Corps (Active Duty) 1991-1995
U.S. Army Reserve 1996-2000

Community Involvement
Member: Chiropractic Quality Assurance Commissioner

 1st Term 2011-2015 (appointed by Gov. Christine Gregoire)

 2nd Term 2015-2019 (appointed by Gov. Jay Inslee)

Member: International Chiropractors Association
Member: American Legion, Alfred W. Leach Post No. 3, Olympia
Member: Marine Corps League; Olympia Detachment #482
Member: Harmony Lodge No. 18, F&AM of Washington
Member: Olympia Host Lion's Club






Bryson J. Langel, DC


Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique

Advanced Proficiency Rated


Blye Cranial Technique

Advanced Proficiency Rated